Visit of Pauline Melville to CCS

When: Friday 30 January, 4pm-6pm
Where: St Mary’s College Hall

Prize winning author and actress Pauline Melville visited the University on Friday 30 January to deliver a talk on her celebrated novel The Ventriloquist’s Tale (1997). Melville, a star of cult ‘80s TV show The Young Ones, won critical acclaim for her debut book Shape-Shifter (1990), winning the Guardian Fiction Prize and the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. The event was hosted by the St Andrews Centre for Cosmopolitan Studies, and took place in St Mary’s College Hall.

Staff and students with Pauline Melville from left:-

Dr Lorna Bell, Ms Shuhua Chen, Ms Simone Toji, Mr Hakon Caspersen, Pauline Melville, Dr Huon Wardle, Prof. Peter Gow, Prof. Joanna Overing, Mr Adom Philogene Heron, Ms Molly Rosenbaum, Ms Laura Obermuller, Ms Maria Faciolince.