CCS: St Andrews Staff Members

Director and Former Directors

Professor Nigel Rapport: (Founding Director)
cosmopolitanism and liberalism, individuality, universalism, humanism, and freedom.

Dr Huon Wardle: (Former Director)
cosmopolitanism and modernity, urbanism, creolization, selfhood, adventure, and imagination.

Dr Daniel M. Knight: (Current Director)
cosmopolitanism and time, philosophical anthropology, the anthropology of the future, and crisis studies. Daniel also co-edits History and Anthropology journal.


Director: Dr Daniel M. Knight

CCS St Andrews Staff Members

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Dr Mattia Fumanti:
youth cultures, popular and elite cultures, capitalism.

Dr Paloma Gay y Blasco:
cosmopolitanism and gender, sex, memory, narrative, Gypsies and urbanism.

Dr Richard Irvine:
deep time; religious life; magic, rationalisation and disenchantment; environmental change; and the relationship between human life and deep time in the UK and Mongolia.

Dr Aimee Joyce:
borders, religion, material culture, art and anthropology, postsocialism, the anthropology of place and landscape, anthropology of death, and anthropology of absence.

Dr Christos Lynteris:
Medical anthropology, history of medicine, infectious disease epidemics, zoonosis, plague, animal-human relations, medical epistemology, biopolitics, medical visual culture, photography, Global Health, existential risk, colonialism, China, South Siberia, Manchuria

Dr Stavroula Pipyrou:
minority governance, civil society, displacement, representation and power, equality and diversity, Italy, Greece. Founding Director of the Centre for Minorities Research.

Dr Adam Reed:
engages with cosmopolitanism through the prism of anthropology and literature, specifically through an ongoing interest in fiction reading, literary composition, activist literary culture and characterization.