Further Resources

CCS Collaborates with the ASA Anthropology of Time Network, founded and chaired by former University of St Andrews student, Dr Gabriela Manley: ASA Anthropology of Time Network (theasa.org). For more information on the Anthropology of Time Network, please contact the convenor Gabriela Manley ([email protected]), and follow on Twitter @AnthTime.


On cosmopolitanism:

‘Anthony Appiah on giving up organicism in favour of cosmopolitanism’

‘Global Citizenship: A Growing Sentiment’

‘Cosmopolitanism’ defined by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

‘Cosmopolitanism’ defined by Wikipedia

Quo Vadis, Europe? Zymunt Bauman on the contemporary problems facing Europe and European nation states.

‘Anthropology as Cosmopolitan Study’ in Tolerance.ca webzine

‘Cosmopolitanism’ at Google Books [on-line extracts]

Further publications by members of the Centre:

Books by Paloma Gay y Blasco at Amazon.co.uk

Books by Mattia Fumanti at Amazon.co.uk

Books by Daniel M. Knight at Amazon.co.uk

Books by Stavroula Pipyrou at Amazon.co.uk

Books by Nigel Rapport at Amazon.co.uk

Books by Adam Reed at Amazon.co.uk

Books by Huon Wardle at Amazon.co.uk

Other Research Centres with a commensurate focus:

Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs, University of St. Andrews

Centre for Minorities Research, University of St Andrews

Human Rights Institute, University of Connecticut

Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, Malmö University

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Community of Organizational Anthropology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim:

The Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO), Berlin

Society for Critical Study of Crisis, Lund University