Cosmopolitan Networks Workshop, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

The Biennial Trondheim Colloquium in Social Anthropology: Cosmopolitan Networks is organized by the research group Temporalities of Mobility and Migration at the Department of Social Anthropology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The event is held at The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters, Elvegata 17, Trondheim – The Moser Room, top floor. 21st and 22nd … Read more

Visit of Dr Gonzalo Iparraguirre on October 17th 2019

On October 17th anthropologist Dr Gonzalo Iparraguirre is visiting CCS from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dr  Iparraguirre’s research focuses around the themes of crisis, how individuals anticipate violent and socially destructive events, and what he terms the ‘comparative study of western and indigenous temporality’.

Scotland’s Post-Referenda Futures

St Andrews PhD candidate Gabriela Manley has an article in Anthropology Today journal (35/4), entitled ‘Scotland’s Post-Referenda Futures’. “In the midst of chaotic Brexit negotiations and the failing political processes of Westminster, the Scottish National Party (SNP) is preparing to call a new independence referendum, arguing that Scotland should not be taken out of Europe … Read more

Orientations to the Future Collection

Daniel M. Knight has just published an American Ethnologist Collection on “Orientations to the Future”. The papers are an outcome of the 2018 Ladislav Holy Memorial Trust and Centre for Cosmopolitan Studies conference. Contributions from Rebecca Bryant, Stef Jansen, Kristin Loftsdottir, Raluca Roman, Felix Ringel, Dace Dzenovska, Morten Nielsen and Nigel Rapport.  

The Anthropology of the Future

This book, by Rebecca Bryant and Daniel M. Knight, presents the concept of ‘orientations’ as a way to study everyday life. It analyses six main orientations – anticipation, expectation, speculation, potentiality, hope, and destiny – which represent different ways in which the future may affect our present. While orientations entail planning towards and imagining the future, … Read more

HARK: A Day with Errollyn Wallen

Errollyn Wallen will explore her compositions from the point of view of both the performer and the listener.

CCS Conference: “Character”

The conference will explore the contemporary status and uses of ‘character’.