Postdoctoral Fellows

** The Postdoctoral Fellowship has been discontinued **

Professor Laura Jeffrey (PhD Cambridge)
2008-9; working on the politics of refugee experience; now Professor of Anthropology and Dean of Research, University of Edinburgh.

Dr Hideko Mitsui (PhD Stanford)
2008-9; working on shame and war; now Fellow in East Asian Studies, University of Cambridge.

Professor Morten Nielsen (PhD Copenhagen)
2009-10; working on urbanization and failed states; now Research Professor at the National Museum of Denmark.

Professor Laura Jeffrey

Dr Suzanne Grant (PhD St Andrews)
2009-14: Medical Research Council ‘Population Health Scientist’ Fellowship; working on the social dimensions of health, in particular the provision of care at GP surgeries.

Dr Nina Holm Vohnsen (PhD Aarhus)
2012-13; working on bureaucracy and documentation, distortion and absurdity. Now Associate Professor, University of Aarhus.

Dr Nina Holm Vohnsen