Visiting Fellows / Visiting Professors in Cosmopolitan Studies





The Centre for Cosmopolitan Studies has a rolling call for Visiting Fellows / Visiting Professors in Cosmopolitan Studies. The standard length of the fellowship is twelve months. Currently, there is no independent funding available for the fellowship scheme, those interested in the activities of the Centre are encouraged to make contact and joint applications to funding bodies are encouraged. This is a writing fellowship whose purpose is to provide a scholar with an opportunity to spend time at the University of St Andrews working on articles or a monograph for publication.

The fellowship competition is open to scholars whose work addresses ‘cosmopolitanism’, broadly defined as an inquiry into ‘the human’ as a singularity over and above proximal categorizations of nation, ethnicity, class, cultural community, religion, gender and so on. The writing project might be ontological in theme (defining the human), or methodological (gaining access to the human), or political-cum-moral (securing the human). It might address, for instance: global citizenship; trans-nationalism and supra-nationalism; home and movement; individuals as universal agents; human rights as global discourse; humanism, universal values and morals; liberalism and communitarianism; social inclusion and freedom; individuality and embodiment; introspection, empathy and intersubjectivity; irony and critical method; experiences of time and temporality; knowledge production and consumption; the theoretical concerns of ‘philosophical anthropology’.

The Visiting Fellow / Visiting Professor can expect, during the fellowship, to undertake such work as:

  1. Complete one or more publishable manuscript;
  2. Submit written work for publication (to journals or publishers);
  3. Prepare a bid for further research funding from an external funding body;
  4. Give a seminar presentation to the School of Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies;
  5. Have the opportunity to teach on undergraduate courses in the Department of Social Anthropology, in consultation with the Head of Department and Director of Teaching.

Informal enquiries to the Director, Centre for Cosmopolitan Studies, Department of Social Anthropology: [email protected]

Recent Visiting Professors:

2022-25: Professor Morten Nielsen, National Museum of Denmark

2021-22: Professor Jan Ketil Simonsen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

2013-14: Professor Kristin Kuutma, Tartu University

2012-13: Professor Morten Axel Pedersen, University of Copenhagen

(Above: Left to Right – Jan Ketil Simonsen, Morten Axel Pedersen, Morten Nielsen, Kristin Kuutma).


Recent Visiting Fellows:

2024: Dr Qingqing Yang, Minzu University, Beijing

2024: Dr Lisha Tan, Chongqing Normal University

2022: Dr Liu Dongmei, Minzu University, Beijing

2019: Dr Min Zhou, Shanghai International Studies University

2017: Dr Rui Meng, Zhejiang University

2013: Dr Liu Hua, Guangxi University for Nationalities

2011: Dr Tomasz Rakowski, University of Warsaw